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Welcome to my small black business catered to your skin care needs. I started out trying out home remedies to help my hyperpigmentation, I struggled with it since a teenager. Suffering with acne which in turn made dark marks that are so hard to get rid of. Thousands on skin care, dermatologist visits and products I felt were expensive but did not help my brown skin. During this Covid Pandemic I had time to really work on my self and my skin was one of the biggest insecurities I have had for I don’t know how long. Tumeric has been an ingredient that was heavily used during the pandemic as it is an all around awesome ingredient that promotes health. I did research and started playing around and built a scrub that I had no idea would actually work! I used it and now I want to share with you! I have also done research on other ingredients that I’ve made additional scrubs and soaps with! I didn’t stop there I added other products that I know my customers will absolutely enjoy! Made by Neq! Your body is your biggest organ you are what u put into and on it! After a nice hot shower or soaking in your bath tub, my goal is for you to Feel rejuvenated as well as hydrated and glowing! Please enjoy my products. Thanks in advance for your support! This is only the beginning and I have so much more to come. Scrub By Neq.

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