Brown Girl Magic Glow Kit

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After using Neqs signature Brown Girl Magic, the Glow face serum is an oil to aid in moisturizing your skin, helping to reduce dark marks. This oil is made of jojoba oil and rosehip seed oil and together it offers many benefits. Rosehip seed oil hydrates skin, moisturizes, boost collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces dark marks, scaring and the list goes on. Jojoba oil is a great mixture because added on to the benefits of Rosehip seed oil it keeps the skin moisturized, it’s full of vitamin E and B.

There is also a Facial Shea Butter which is an unrefined Shea butter high in vitamins/minerals, it’s all natural and melts at skin temperature. Great after exfoliating and treating your skin.

All 3 products together help to achieve clearer skin, reduce dark marks and achieve soft moisturized skin.

Instructions as follows: Take a small amount into your wet hands and scrub your face gently. The ingredients in Brown girl magic do the work for you. After cleansing your face apply the glow serum, preferably at night and every other night alternating with the Facial Shea butter which can be used to your liking.

1 Brown Girl Magic Scrub

1 Glow Face Serum

1 Facial Shea Butter

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  1. Tyece Smith

    It’s so good

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